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Personal Financial Health Checks

We find a lot of people aren’t really sure where their finances stand at the best of times. That’s why we have a 5 Minute Health Check to help people get a clearer picture, one that will enable them to make more informed decisions about what to do next with their money.

We take people through each one of the following checks and then once there’s a clear financial picture we help them put a plan in place to maximise their financial growth.

Income, tax, insurance, retirement, estate planning, debt solutions.

Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement today is very important for your lifestyle comfort when you reach retirement age. Relying on the compulsory superannuation contributions your employer is legally required to make won’t put you in that ‘comfortable’ bracket. 73% of Australians believe they won’t have enough to retire on.

It matters how early you start to save for your future as compound interest is what your retirement is founded on, and the earlier you can start accumulating that interest the better.

Family Insurance Protection

It is advisable to take out different forms of insurance to cover all eventualities so that you will have peace of mind in case you are injured, fall ill or die. This means even if you aren’t able to work you will still be able to meet your family’s monthly financial needs.

There are 4 main types of personal protection, death cover, trauma cover, total and permanent disablement cover (TPD) or income protection.

Superannuation Consolidation

Employers are required by law to pay a legislated portion of each employee’s salary into a superannuation fund of your choice. As this will form your retirement finance you need to ensure you have the right amount of superannuation and the best strategy in place for your retirement.

By consolidating your superannaution you’ll save money buy only paying one set of admin and insurance fees, have less paper work, as well as it being easier to keep track of your superannuation.

When consolidating your superannaution there are many factors to consider eg, insurance cover, is your employer able to contribute to your new fund, is one of your funds a defined benefits fund, etc.

Wealth Accumulation Strategy

Building wealth in a lifetime is an important part of financial independence.

Everyone has different goals in their life and in turn require a different plan to ensure their goals are achieved, an individually tailored wealth accumulation plan is the secret to your success.

Your plan can consist of one or multiple asset classes: Australian shares, international shares, term deposits, cash, etc.

Once your plan is place you will need to monitor your progress on your plan to ensure your goals will be met. Our Financial Planning partners will ensure this occurs and meet regularly to answer your questions and keep you on track.

Buyers Advocate

Property is tangible, whether you are an investor, owner occupier, aspiring investor or a tenant, we can all relate to it.

A property buyers advocate can be a huge asset when transacting on a property. Whether it’s for your own family home, an investment property or a property for a family member it’s worth understanding all you can about the marketplace and specifically the area.

Buyers advocates can take the stress out of looking for properties and dealing with estate agents as well as researching the marketplace and discovering the nuances in particular areas. Buys advocates are the professionals in this area and can deliver significant value to you by providing detailed reports and analysis on your property.

Wills and Estate Planning

A Will is a legal document that details your desires concerning the distribution of your personal property, minor children, your business and its assetts, charity donations or even investments, after you die.

If you pass away without one, you die ‘intestate’ and the courts will decide who gets your property and what will happen to your children. Your personal wishes or situation make no difference and the law applies to everyone. A will is important as it will give you peace of mind that you have left things in good order for your family and it will save them time, money and grief.

For the conveniece of our clients, we have partnered with a law firm who specialise in helping clients with an efficient Will solution.

Online Tax Return Service

A tax return is an important responsibility that everyone will take part in after the conclusion of the financial year. It is your opportunity to audit the amount of tax that you have paid throughout the financial year and offset any deductions you may have incurred through the year to ensure the correct amount of tax is paid.

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